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My name is Shane, and I've been creating websites for over 18 years. My passion for web started after reading through my dad's dusty old copy of HTML For Dummies. The idea that I can create websites real people actually use was—and still is—so cool! Since then, I've earned degrees in computer science and business and put that knowledge to use for marketing agencies. I want to use that experience to help your small business thrive.

Running into poorly designed sites has always been a HUGE pet peeve of mine. But it's understandable—many small business owners don't have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on a new website. Or they didn't know who to trust and ended up with a repurposed site someone made for their dog in the 90's. I believe businesses should be able to have a great online presence without dropping 5-figures. That's why I designed my business model around your needs. I want to build long term partnerships with small businesses like yours to provide quality web experiences you'll be proud of at a manageable cost. Let's set up a chat

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